Insulating Glass Units



The choice of decorative glass ranges from textured, etched, sand blasted and stained. All available in traditional and contemporary designs, allowing maximum light with your chosen level of privacy and decoration.

Textured Glass

With 9 different designs of textured glass from the most trusted manufacturers ALTEHS range offers a choice of great designs with varying levels of privacy:

Atlantic (also refered as Monumental)

Crepi (also refered as Arena C)

Delta M

Reedet (also refered as Flutes)

Cura (also refered as Ornament 105 or Costwolds)

Chinchilla (also refered as Ornament J 101)


Niagara (also refered as Silvit)

Diamante (also refered as Waterdrop)

Etched Glass

Etched glass can be fully etched as Matelux (also refered as Opal or Satin) or with etched ornament as Canterbury.

Sand Blasted Glass

ALTEHS performs natural sandblasting to achieve traditional appearance. Almost any ornament or symbol can be put on glass with this method.

Stained Glass

Using traditional methods our skilled and knowledgeable team are able to produce stained glass and leaded glass to order. We have the capability to manufacture heritage and contemporary stained glass windows. 

Recommended for windows, doors, street signs, company name plates