Insulating Glass Units



Offering integrity and insulation protection, our fire glass presents a modern architectural alternative, allowing sense of space in the office environment, without compromising safety.

Levels of protection, as designated by the European Standards, are measured in defined time periods; 30, 60, 90, 120 & 180 minutes and in terms of either integrity and insulation or integrity only.

Our fire glass fulfills the requirements set by building regulations authorities and international fire test standards EN14449..

Recommended for doors, partitions, facades, roof glazing, sliding doors and windows

Integrity Only Fire Glass

Offering a barrier against flames, hot gases and smoke the transfer of radiant heat is approximately 10% after 30 minutes when glazed in accordance with manufacturer’s specification. For use in IGUs doors and glazed partitions.

Integrity and Insulation Fire Glass

This glass offers the maximum level of protection when designed for use in emergency exits, stairwells, floors and roofs. It achieves full thermal insulation with approximately 2% of heat transferring after 30 minutes for external and internal fire grade units.