Insulating Glass Units



In overhead glazing and skylights different kind of glazing can be used: single, double or tripple. In some cases also quadruple to minimize heat loss.

In most situations skylights if made as insulating glass units consists of tempered and laminated glass.

Tempered glass is probably the most popular when it comes to upper panes as, should the worst happen, the glass shatters into very small fragments. Tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than annealed glass so as an upper pane it will withstand more load.

The bottom pane is recommended as laminated glass as standard. With a laminated inner pane, there is never any risk of injury from falling glass. As laminated glass consists of two panes stuck together with an interlayer which means that, should anything shatter the pane, it stays in the same position with zero chance of damage to human or property below. This safety consideration is highly relevant no matter what building type, but it’s particularly pertinent for commercial skylight installations such as schools and high-traffic public buildings.

In addition, the interlayer also acts as a UV filter, deflecting as much of the sun’s rays as possible, helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

In terms of durability and safety in the home, laminated glazing offers increased security for any rooflight as it becomes progressively harder to break through the glass even when it has been broken.

Laminated glass is here to stay and is almost certain to remain an integral part of any roof skylight. Another huge benefit of laminated glazing is its ability to reduce the impact of external noise within interiors. It is significantly more effective at minimising external noise pollution than a standard double glass units. 

Also heat strengthened glass can be used in overhead glazing in some cases. Heat strengthened glass when built in frame is a safe choice as glass peaces do not fall even if glass is broken.

Recommended for private houses as well as public buildings.