Insulating Glass Units

Structural glazing

Structural glazing

ALTEHS manufactures structural silicone insulating glass units incorporating individualised toggle retention channels with a nominal 23mm sealant depth and edge deletion to suit increased seal depth and overall sight line of 30mm. The above mentioned parameters are nominal and can be suited to specific project requirements. In some cases it is possible to do ceramic print around the edge of the glass to hide both hermetisation materials: silicone and butyl reaching a superb finish. 

Safety glass must be used when manufacturing structural insulating glass units. In most cases the outside glass is tempered solar control glass and inside glass is laminated safety glass.

Recommended for safe insulating glass units such as glazing facades 


Standard: EN12543 & EN12150

Max size: 2500*4000mm

Min size: 100*250mm

Thickness: 20-60mm