Insulating Glass Units

Safety & Protection

Safety & Protection

Safety insulating glass units can be made up from laminated or tempered glasses or both types in one insulating glass unit. It depends on the situation witch glass type to use as they have different properties.

Laminated glass units

Laminated glass provides structurally safer, stronger glass panel that if broken, holds glass fragments together.

ALTEHS uses PVB (polyvinyl butyrain) interlayered glass when producing safety insulating glass units. This is a quality architectural and security glass option with increased strength for use in commercial and domestic installations.

Generally glazing less than 800mm from floor level

Possible PVB specifications:

0.38 mm - laminated glass

0.76 mm - safety glass P4A

1.52 mm - burglary glass

Degradation from UV light is significantly reduced with the use of thicker lamination layers.

Recommended for safe glass in public buildings, windows, doors, roof glass, shop fronts, safe for burglars


Standard: EN12543

Max size: 2500*3700mm

Min size: 100*250mm

Thickness: 4-20mm

Tempered glass units

Tempered glass is treated so it can withstand greater temperatures, impact and stress, but if broken splits in small pieces doing no or limited harm to person impacted. 

Generally glazing less than 800mm from floor level

In some cases also Heat Strenghtened glass can be used instead of Tempered glass.

Heat soak testing option should be considered when choosing tempered glass.

Recommended for safe windows, doors, balconies, shopfronts, roof glass


Standard: EN12150

Max size: 2200*4200mm

Min size: 100*250mm

Thickness: 4-19mm