Special Glasses



Anti-reflective glass is used for the most innovative architectural applications. It is coated glass witch significantly reduces the reflection of light on the surface of the glass. This glass offers unparalleled design possibilities, superior clarity and renowned durability. It is suitable for tempering, lamination, printing and various edgeworks. 

Anti-reflective glass has the following features and benefits:

1) No reflection – less than 0.5% per surface

2) Improved transmission – up to 99%

3) Easy to clean and abrasion resistance – meets ISO standards

4) Available with 1-side and 2-side anti-reflective coating

5) Neutral colors in reflection and no color shift under an angle

6) Suitable for processing

7) Can be combined with Low-E and other functional coatings

8) High durability and long lifetime of the coating

Recommended for picture framing, architectural interiors, facades, shop fronts, museums, stadiums/arenas, historical preservation,  display windows, partition balustrades, luxury commercial decorations. 


Maximum size: 2250 x 3210mm

Thickness: 3-12mm

Substrate: Float or Low-Iron