Surface Treated Glasses

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen-printing process produces opaque coloured glass by applying a uniform coating of enamel to one side of the glass. The latest range of enamels used do not contain any dangerous heavy metals. The enamel is fired at a high temperature in order to fuse permanently with the glass surface, giving the product exceptional durability. Any color according to RAL can be applied.

Glasses produced with this method are used for spandrels to conceal structural columns on glass installations or as interior products like kitchen glass splashbacks. When used as interior product higher level of hygiene is achieved as the process leaves the external surface smooth and therefore less likely to collect bacteria. 

Glass Splashbacks are commonly supplied in 6mm toughened glass with polished edges and cut-outs and holes as required, and from ‘low-iron’ painted glass to give true representation of the applied paint colour. CNC shaping is also available.

Recommended for glass installation, kitchen splashbacks.


Standard: EN12150

Colour: Any RAL

Shapes: Any

Thicknesses: 4-19 mm

Minimum sizes: 100 x 250 mm

Maximum sizes: 2200 x 4200 mm