Processed Glasses

CNC Processing

CNC Processing

Our in house CNC glass cutting capabilities enable production of high quality, intricate designed glass processing. We are able to cut your glass to any shape and design using CAD drawings and templates or computer design to exact and precise cutting production.

Cutting and processing capabilities for our CNC machines are as follows:

1) Straight and Shaped edge work – Polished or Grinded

2) Internal Cut Outs – Extractor holes, socket cut outs. Min 6mm internal radius. Min 13mm for internal polished radius.

3) Drilling Capabilities – Fixings holes, decorative holes, starting from 4mm diameter 30mm minimum requirement for polished hole.

4) Milling Tool – Enables us to rout out a complex, intricate, variety of shapes and bespoke designs out of glass.

We can do scanning of templates to turn them in CAD drawings.


Max size: 2200*4200mm

Min size: 100*250mm

Thickness: 3-60mm