Safety Glasses



Laminated glass is a safety glass used extensively around the world in a wide range of applications.

Formed by sandwiching two or more sheets of either annealed or toughened glass around an PVB interlayer, laminated glass will remain in place even when broken. This makes it ideal for glazing applications such as glass balustrades, glass partitions, rooflights, curtainwalls and architectural glass where there is a high risk of injury in the event of a breakage.

Laminated glass can also be valuable in decorative applications, such as glass splashbacks in the kitchen or bathroom, where a tinted laminate layer can be used to colour the glass. PVB laminated glass is also a good UV filter and can be used in situations where this aspect is of essence.

There are a number of glass interlayer solutions, each with unique benefits:

PVB Interlayer 

PVB (polyvinyl butyrain) interlayered glass is a quality architectural and security glass with increased strength for use in commercial and domestic installations.

PVB specifications:

0.38 mm safety glass

0.76 mm security glass required in Document Q standards for windows with pass P1A

1.52 mm  anti bandit glass

Degradation from UV light is significantly reduced with the use of thicker lamination layers. Cornwall Glass can advise on the best made to measure options for any project. PVB laminated glass  is kept as a stock item at our larger locations.


SentryGlas® interlayers are five time stronger than standard laminating interlayers  and are used where a high specification is required for greater load bearing glazed installations.

The thick, rigid interlayer offers exceptional security, safety and energy efficiency in modern architectural designs.  Optimising natural light with outstanding clarity, this interlayer allows true innovation in glass building design.

Uses for SentryGlass® laminated glass include:

Structural glass including, floors, walkway bridges and stairs

Minimal support glass canopies

Balustrading and balconies

Wind resistant windows, doors and rooflights

EVA Interlayer

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) interlayered glass  provides flawless, distortion free lamination while ensuring first rate visual quality. This bespoke interlayer reduces the risk of moisture penetration compared to PVB laminated glass.

Recommended for all kind of glazing applications including balustrading, balconies, shopfronts, walk on roof glass, security, safety.


Standard: EN14449

Max size: 2300*5000mm

Min size: 100*250mm

Thickness: 4 - 60mm